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Photo A Day January 2018

Day 1. A repeat shot from last years photo-a-day, I felt like it was a good comparison seeing how much you’veView full post »

Photo A Day January 2017

Day 1. The three of you on the steps to the front of the house. The door that opens and shuts to our home. The start ofView full post »

Indians by the river | Mildura Photographer | Children Photography

These little Indians down by the river are my own. I wanted to create a piece that is unique and with a bit ofView full post »

Baby V – 9 months | Mildura Baby Photography | Mildura Photographer

I absolutely love seeing the blossoms out in Mildura, it get’s me very excited that Spring is on our doorsteps! IView full post »

Miss V’s First Days | Newborn Fresh48 | Mildura Photography

I’ve always loved seeing these types of sessions so I was super excited when I got to have a little play in theView full post »

Introducing Miss V |Birth Photographer Mildura | Mildura Photography

It is with all the joy, happiness and pleasure in the world we introduce Vaida Lynn Wilson to the world! Born Friday 5thView full post »

Mildura South Kindergarten | Mildura Child Photography | Mildura Photographer

Well, the time has come around again where everyone has been returning to school/work/kinder. It’s finally ourView full post »

Monarto Zoo | Mildura Lifestyle Photography | Mildura Photographer

We took the day trip from Mildura, VIC to the Monarto Zoo, SA and had an absolute cracker day! Our trip started off aView full post »

Life Unscripted | Australian Summer Lifestyle | Mildura photographer

The great Australian summer lifestyle, a slippery dip in the back yard provides perfect entertainment on a swelteringView full post »

Life Unscripted | Mildura Child Photography | Mildura Photographer

Life Unscripted. Watching my boys grow each day is bitter sweet. I hate that they are not my babies anymore but I loveView full post »

Mildura Little Athletics | Mildura Child Photography | Mildura Photographer

Tomorrow is presentation day for the Little Athletics, this has been our first time in participating and I’m aView full post »

Zach’s First Kinder Day (for three year olds) | Mildura Child Photography | Mildura Photographer

Where did my baby go? One minute he was as snug as a bug all wrapped up and asleep in my arms, he would coo at me and View full post »

Pop, Nanny & I | Mildura Family Photography | Mildura Photographer

This session is very special to me. It is two of the most special people in my life with my special two. These are myView full post »

Mine… | Mildura Child Photography | Mildura Photographer

Just a little post to share a piece of me. These are mine. I would do anything for them. They make me smile day in andView full post »

A photographer’s son | Mildura Child Photography | Mildura Photographer

This is the challenge I face EVERY TIME I try to take a nice photo of my number one son, Zach. You can imagine how happyView full post »

Mildura Baby Boy 8 month

Baby C – 7 months | Mildura Baby Photography | Mildura Photographer

Here is Master C for his Baby Session, Please tell me – what could be more beautiful than a baby in his own skinView full post »

Mildura Boy Cheeky Smile

Zach’s First Haircut | Mildura Child Photography | Mildura Photographer

Zach is 2 and a half years old and up until now, had never been to the hairdressers. He’s dad had been on my backView full post »