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For my full 2017 pricing please contact me via the ‘contact’ tab on the menu above.  Sessions vary in price based on type.

All sessions are all-inclusive with fully edited high resolution digital files + print release and access to professional products for you to order.

Session Types on offer  –

Maternity (when booked with newborn – photographs between 32-36 weeks gestation)
Babies (approx. 6-9 months – sitters)
Families (subject to availability)

I take a limited number of sessions per month, please book at your earliest convenience to ensure a place in my calendar.

Sessions are held Monday-Friday. Days on offer will be subject to availability.


Information for your consideration.

Maternity/Pregnancy sessions are best between 32-36 weeks, some expectant mums can find at times the posing for a session to cause a little discomfort, especially in he final weeks, and also risk baby arriving before your maternity photo session.

Newborn and sibling photographs are highly encouraged and included in your newborn session. Toddlers under 5 years old have a mind of their own, and at times may not co-operate during the session. Every attempt is made to encourage siblings to be included, I prefer to do family portraits at the start of the session, that way if it doesn’t work we have the rest of the session to make multiple attempts. Sometimes Dads take the siblings away when they are done and return at the end of the session.

Newborn sessions are baby focused, most of the session will be spent photographing your band new baby.

Baby sessions are best held around 6-7 months, before your baby has developed a sense of “stranger, danger” at around 9-10 months and they become a little bit more clingy to mum and more reluctant to smile at the camera. Those babies that are just freshly sitting and not yet crawling are perfect, their personalities shine and their smiles are big.

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