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Classic Newborn Parent Pose

I knew from the moment I saw Stacy’s work that I one day would love to have her photograph our future children, when we found out we where expecting I immediately contacted Stacy & asked so many questions which Stacy graciously answered, our appointment was booked and I was completely stoked! When our baby arrived we contacted Stacy to let her know our beautiful little man had made his entrance into the world & a photoshoot date was set!! As new parents we instantly felt several pressures in this new role in parenthood, Stacy’s services where not one of them!! We travelled with our 11day old baby from interstate to see Stacy for the big day we where nervous not knowing what to expect & we where praying Noah would be totally cooperative. The morning of the photoshoot we where running late (we where facing the reality of being on time when you have kids- is pretty much never going to happen… Ever.. Haha) Stacy greeted us with complete understanding & grace. Not once did we feel like we had inconvenienced her, her instant friendliness in our moment of fluster was exactly what we needed to feel at ease.
Stacy was incredible throughout the whole session, from helping us pick from her wide variety of props and colours to the way she so carefully and delicately handled our baby, she was extremely considerate to our needs (making sure we where not too hot/cold not making us stand up for long periods of time, allowing us to rest, offering us water & taking complete care of us- for me being 11days post birth this was such a lovely gesture & was very well received. Stacy would say beautiful things to us throughout our session which took the experience to a whole new level she made us feel like a family for the first time in our lives & reflected on all the hard work it took to get us here it made both my hubby & I feel just down right amazing!!

We had to travel home the day of our newborn photoshoot & Stacy was in complete control of being time conscious, not once did she rush, she was completely professional & friendly throughout the whole session. Stacy captured all the photos we wanted and more!! We left feeling on top of the world & could not wait to see the photos. My husband who is a little camera shy also expressed how he thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience & commented on how completely comfortable he was with the way Stacy conducted herself throughout the whole day especially the way Stacy so delicately handled our son. We even took home a few soothing tips we picked up on in the session (white noise & how to handle our Bub to keep him asleep) On receiving our photos hubby & I completely fell in love with every single image, every photo has such amazing natural detail capturing everything we love about our little man & our family shots Completely blew us away! We where 100% happy with the service Stacy provided every detail down to the packaging of the USB stick was just amazing, a moment in time we will never forget!
If you are considering booking a session with Stacy I would not hesitate in recommending her services. The only hard decision to make is choosing which photo is your favourite!
Christina Chaff, Noah’s mum.

Newborn baby in nest
Stacy, so many words could describe you as you work your magic with our little angles, the way your hands are so gentle as you wrap them up ready for each seen for each photo is beautiful to watch. You are truly one of those people that you can just relax around, we needed to sessions with Jordan’s new born photos as dad was unwell at the first one and in both sessions you where so accommodating of what would be perfect for Jordan. I think that if anyone is looking for the right person to photograph their child all is needed is your name !!! Stacy Wilson you are amazing at what you do and can tell you love what you do and I think that’s what makes all the different you are a cut above the rest in my eyes and we are so thankful for the amazing photos of your baby boy.

Samantha Andriotis, Jordan’s mum.


Newborn baby with older sibling

There really are no words to describe how talented Stacy is! Her work is simply amazing, her beautiful personality and gentle nature is the reason there’s no one I’d trust more with my newborns! The portraits Stacy has done for my family are my most treasured items!

– Maeghan Costantino, Christian & Samuel’s mum.





Newborn baby cute face
As a first time mum, no one can really prepare you for those first couple of weeks with your newborn child. You are tired, you’re anxious and certainly not feeling up to having family photographs with your brand new baby. Until you meet Stacy. Stacy is naturally gifted, the moment you walk into her studio you feel instantly at ease both with your child in someone else’s hands but also with making you feel comfortable participating in those family shots. As a mother herself, Stacy understands! I think that’s what makes all the difference.

Lauren Conquest, Jett’s mum.



Little newborn girl with lace
Stacy’s photographs have captured our little girl in her first days in the world just beautifully. Stacy is professional in every aspect; from booking, shooting to collection – we cannot recommend her highly enough!

Natalie Freer, Marlie’s mum.





Newborn girl with lots of hair beautifully posed

We were so thrilled to have the opportunity of you helping us make special moments to remember with our little princess. Your studio is a comfortable environment for both baby and parents offering a range of beautiful fabrics, wraps and props to suit everyone’s needs. Stacy we cannot thank you enough for how kind, patient, gentle and loving you were with miss v. We are looking forward to working with you again in the near future xx

Shea Chamnankhaw, Violet’s mum.




Happy baby sitting up
There isn’t enough words to describe the work, love and care that went into all of our session with Stacy. From engagement, maternity, labour, 48hrs fresh, newborn and 6 month shoot all of them were absolute perfection! The attention to detail is incredible and answering to all request was amazing! I love all her work I have seen and will definitely be going back with the next pregnancy when the time comes xxx

– Hayley Wilson, Alivia’s mum.




Beautiful baby boy smile
We were so thrilled with the 6 months photos that Stacy took of our little man Brooklyn in one of her mini sessions. In just 30 minutes, Stacy was able to capture everything we love about our little boy, his cheekiness, sweetness, and curiosity. I’m still blown away by these gorgeous photos and we always get great comments about them. Cannot wait to visit Stacy again when bub number 2 comes along ?

– Sarah Kiel, Brooklyn’s mum.




Brother and sisterly love


Stacy is a wonderful photographer. I am so grateful to have perfect newborn photos of both my children. I have also had a family session recently and once again the photos were perfection. Stacy is so patient and has a wonderful way with the little ones as well as adults. We are lucky to have such a talented photographer here in Mildura

Ali Franklin, Emma & Jake’s mum.




StacyWilson-Referral (8)
We went into our session knowing how talented Stacy is and still come out amazed at the work she does especially when the beautiful pictures are of your own precious child. Cannot speak highly enough of Stacy and the work she does from pre session info to preparing the setup and letting you know how everything works and what she’ll be doing. Stacy has gone above and beyond our expectations.

– Kristen Evans, Abel’s mum.




Oliver,R+T-LowRes (4)
My family love Stacy! She makes you feel so welcome and relaxed from the moment you walk in her door. We’ve had 2 (and a half) sessions with her. Our first born and our twins. Stacy has an amazing ability to calm every baby, and lull them to sleep. Her room is warm and she plays soothing sounds. She has every colour pallet available and is very creative in her setups. We absolutely love every photo Stacy took of our babies. Memories to last a lifetime. – Hannah Oliver, Charlotte, Ruby & Thomas’ mum.




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Absolutely beautiful timeless photo’s taken of our Son Noah. Thank you so much Stacy for the excellent quality and effort you put into our photo shoot. Your friendly and professional nature made our photo shoot so easy and you had such a calming effect on our little baby which made our time such an enjoyable experience. Thank you for capturing such a special time in our lives & exceeding every possible expectation! We now have so many beautiful photos & memories to keep close to our heart thank you again for everything Stacy! – Kimberley Williams, Noah’s mum.




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Darcy’s birth was not the exciting times we had expected. It was the scariest day of my life. When we first received our birth photos, I was too scared to open them, with fear of horrible memories. On opening, I bawled my eyes out.. Not for horrible memories, but beautiful and timeless photos that I will cherish forever! Thank you so much Stacy! You went beyond our expectations!  – Jess Garioch, Darcy’s mum.





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Choosing someone you can trust to work with your children and capture the moments of their early years is a huge decision. I could not recommend a more caring, gentle and patient person than Stacy.
Stacy has photographed our children from newborns and through out different ages and has always shown the same care to produce amazing photographs we will treasure forever. Gorgeous person inside and out.  There is no one else more fitted for the job of capturing life’s most precious moments. – Sonia Dichiera, Lacey, Zach & Remi’s mum.



Our experience was nothing but positive especially considering we didn’t have the easiest little man to photograph. You were absolutely so patient with my family during our baby and mini sessions and made us feel so welcome. Nothing was too hard and even having to reschedule one of our sessions didn’t faze you in the least. I thought getting pictures of our quite daughter was going to be a challenge but she just had this connection with you from the start. Not to mention of course the stunning photos we received and will treasure forever. Thank you and we would recommend you in a heart beat. – Alecia Brook, Hailey & Levi’s mum??

One of the first things I did when I found out was pregnant was inbox Stacy for information about a newborn session.. I have always admired her work and she has somehow found room for improvement over the years. The experience was so personalised, colours, props outfits.. The process was so relaxed too! We love the stunning photographs just as much today as we did 2.5 years ago.. They are everywhere in our house!Krystal Gallace, Grace’s mum.

We first had the pleasure of meeting, and having Stacy photograph our first born in 2012! she was amazing, so welcoming, patient and gentle with our daughter and the end result were beautiful photos to treasure a lifetime! We had no doubt in our mind who we wanted to use when baby number 2 came along, and once again her talent, gentle nature and patients, shone through in every captured moment.Stacie Bottrell, Ebony & Jake’s mum.

We had no idea what a roller coaster our lives were about to turn into soon after our first session with Stacy. To have our memories immortalized, of a time when everything was “normal”, is a gift that we cherish.
Again, having family photos done a week before our baby received her life saving transplant meant the world to us. At the time, we didn’t know if they would be the last photos we would have. We have been blessed with many more since then.
Stacy has an incredible skill of capturing moments – moments that are rare and valuable, but that we might not see the full depth of until much later. For me, she has captured the beauty of parenthood even in the midst of the chaos we were enduring. We are beyond grateful. – Bethany S
cholar, Emmeline’s mum.

I honestly have searched the whole of Melbourne to find someone half as good as you for our second babies newborn photos to be done as we were so so amazed by you and your talent and way you handled our then newborn Eva and I honestly can’t compare any to you! You are truly one talented photographer and your photos talk for themselves ! So I felt I couldn’t put in words enough how much we loved you and the photos you done for us!! I wish we could have flown back for our second babies to be done. So for newborn photography if you live in Mildura or close by there is really no question where u should go! Can’t recommend you enough! My sisters are also over the moon with there newborn shots ?? thanks again Stacy? – Abbey Karacan, Eva & Ali’s mum.

Stacy, your work is amazing and you demonstrate such passion. The care you take with the babies is more than any new parent would ever want. Having your beautiful photographs displayed in our home is always a talking point with visitors ? – Jacinta Kolpin, Levi’s mum.

Stacy instantly make you feel comfortable and relaxed, ( even when you baby doesn’t want to sleep) there is no pressure for your baby or older siblings to be “perfect” she just works her magic and produces amazing photos.. one of my all time favourite photos captures all 3 of my kids perfectly and they were by no means easy to work with.. There really are no words to express how grateful we are that Stacy captured a time in our life that we are now able to remember for ever..Jessica Tickle, Holliee’s mum.

We were so so lucky to have Stacy take many photos for us over the last few years ranging from family photos, maternity and also newborn. She is such a calm person, who is wonderful, caring and a pro with babies, funny – so great with toddlers and has such an eye for detail and brilliant ideas for the perfect shot. I couldn’t recommend Stacy more highly. Her professionalism and dedication is second to none! – Andrea O’Callaghan, Darcy & Jack’s mum. 

Straight away I felt so welcomed and relaxed for my maternity shoot with you and again when our baby arrived. You managed to capture the near impossible – a beautiful shot of our newborn with our toddler (who rarely sat still for a second! But you did it!) You do amazing work Stacy, I still treasure my photos from you and never get tired of seeing your posts on here because your work is just beautiful to look at ? cant recommend you enough – Brianna Cock, Elliot’s mum.